Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sept. 6, 2009 at Wayamba

The bottom picture is of Adam and his new bike. Adam is one of our early converts at Wayamba and he is being discipled and trained to start and lead a Bible club, by the Seed Ministry. He needed a bike to travel from the village to the Seed Ministry so we used money given by the children in VBS at New Harmony Baptist church near Savanah, TN to get him one. A teenaged girl was being trained with him. Call her "S." When her father found out she had become a believer he punished her and told her she was not to attend church anymore. She is also being shunned by family and friends. They are all Muslim. She came to me and apologized and asked forgiveness for not coming to church. I told her she had done nothing wrong. She is still a child under her father's authority. She must obey him but no one can undo the change that took place in her heart when she accepted Christ. When she is an adult she can worship God as He leads her. For some, the cost of being a Christian is difficult. Pray for "S" and pray that God will change her father's heart. The top picture is of Peggy sharing the story of Zacchaeus.
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the Jones' in Dallas said...

So thrilled to hear how the Lord is working in Wayamba! The Anfaani photos are so precious....