Sunday, September 20, 2009

Opposition at Wayamba

Peggy, Sue Jaynes, Baako and I went to Wayamba at the regular time today after not having services last Sunday because of heavy rain. John was there to open the classroom for us but he also had some disturbing news. Last week the leaders at the mosque in Wayamba had a special meeting and told all the parents they should not permit their children to go to church anymore. This affected the attendance at Adam's bible club Sat. and it was evident in our attendance today. There were only 12 children rather than the thirty or so we normally have. We did have three adults from the village. The elder who has professed Christ, the grandmother who is a believer and Adam who is a new convert himself. Sue led the children in some new songs and John led them in some Ghanaian songs. I told the story of Joseph, and Baako preached. When we first came to Wayamba there was no open opposition to what we were doing now we have seen acts of opposition for the last three weeks. This tells us that the devil and the Muslims are concerned about what God is doing. All we can do is be faithful and keep going back with the gospel. The rest is up to God. It is His battle not ours. Please pray that the new believers will not become discouraged. We are talking about having baptism for those who are ready on October 11, hopefully at the Seed Ministry Baptistery. Keep us in your prayers.
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William said...

If anything, opposition is a sign that you are doing God's Work well and Satan has taken notice. I'll be praying for you and the believers in Wayamba and they continue to minister despite this opposition.