Monday, October 12, 2009

First Baptism for converts from Wayamba

After services Sunday October 11 we took Adam Issah and Sanatu Napadoo to the Seed Ministry Compound to be baptized. It was a wonderful experience for all of us. Hopefully these are the first of many in the future. We hardly recognized Sanatu without all the traditional coverings. The group picture shows Peggy, Sanatu, Adam,Pastor Baako, Pastor Daniel and myself. Pray for these two and all those God will touch at Wayamba.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Renovation Work Complete

This week we saw the completion of the renovation work at the seminary library completed. These pictures show how nice everything is now. Peggy and Sue are shown cataloguing and cleaning the books before we reopened it.The renovation work and the books that have been purchased for the library are the result of the generosity and mission spirit of the members of Pinedale Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Renovation of the Library at the Seminary

For the last couple of weeks we have been having renovation work done at the library of the Northern Ghana Baptist Theological Seminary where I Peggy and I have been working for almost three years. The first picture was taken after the old wooden door was removed and the opening enlarged to take the new glass door. This also gives a good shot of the ceiling which was installed last week. Before there was no ceiling and the rafters and metal roof were visible. The next picture shows the holes in the walls where the old windows have been removed. The third picture shows two of the three new sliding glass windows that have installed. The last picture shows the new door being installed. The young man doing the masonry work and plastering in the pictures is a Muslim and he is now painting the walls and putting a finish coat of paint on the ceiling. Pray that he will be influenced by his exposure to believers. All of this work is made possible by the generous members of Pineview Baptist Church who also gave the funds three years ago to purchase most of the books in the library. Their gifts were processed through the Cooperative Program of the SBC. Peggy and I along with the staff and student body wish to express our thanks to everyone who had a part and we pray that God will richly bless you from the depths of His matchless grace.

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Opposition at Wayamba

Peggy, Sue Jaynes, Baako and I went to Wayamba at the regular time today after not having services last Sunday because of heavy rain. John was there to open the classroom for us but he also had some disturbing news. Last week the leaders at the mosque in Wayamba had a special meeting and told all the parents they should not permit their children to go to church anymore. This affected the attendance at Adam's bible club Sat. and it was evident in our attendance today. There were only 12 children rather than the thirty or so we normally have. We did have three adults from the village. The elder who has professed Christ, the grandmother who is a believer and Adam who is a new convert himself. Sue led the children in some new songs and John led them in some Ghanaian songs. I told the story of Joseph, and Baako preached. When we first came to Wayamba there was no open opposition to what we were doing now we have seen acts of opposition for the last three weeks. This tells us that the devil and the Muslims are concerned about what God is doing. All we can do is be faithful and keep going back with the gospel. The rest is up to God. It is His battle not ours. Please pray that the new believers will not become discouraged. We are talking about having baptism for those who are ready on October 11, hopefully at the Seed Ministry Baptistery. Keep us in your prayers.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sept. 6, 2009 at Wayamba

The bottom picture is of Adam and his new bike. Adam is one of our early converts at Wayamba and he is being discipled and trained to start and lead a Bible club, by the Seed Ministry. He needed a bike to travel from the village to the Seed Ministry so we used money given by the children in VBS at New Harmony Baptist church near Savanah, TN to get him one. A teenaged girl was being trained with him. Call her "S." When her father found out she had become a believer he punished her and told her she was not to attend church anymore. She is also being shunned by family and friends. They are all Muslim. She came to me and apologized and asked forgiveness for not coming to church. I told her she had done nothing wrong. She is still a child under her father's authority. She must obey him but no one can undo the change that took place in her heart when she accepted Christ. When she is an adult she can worship God as He leads her. For some, the cost of being a Christian is difficult. Pray for "S" and pray that God will change her father's heart. The top picture is of Peggy sharing the story of Zacchaeus.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

T4T class at the Seed Ministry in Tamale

This past week I was privileged to teach T4T to 22 young men and boys from villages around Tamale. Each morning Monday through Wednesday I taught them stories from the Bible from 9:00 am until about 12:00 pm. In the evenings they were taught F.A.I.T.H. To start the first session I helped them write their own story about their salvation. Then I taught them God's Story through stories from the Bible. After each story there was a question and answer session about the story. Then we arranged the chairs in a circle and I had them one by one tell as much or all of the story as they could. John Haruna served me well as translator. Once the circle was completed we would go back around doing the same thing in the opposite direction. By the time we had completed this process they all knew the story well, and we had all laughed until our sides ached as they ribbed each other for their mistakes. I used what I call "Creation to Christianity" as the panorama story. Some of the other stories they learned were; "The Story of Jesus," "Jesus and Nicodemus," "Jesus and the Demonic Man," "The Story of the Good Samaritan," and "Philip and the Man from Africa." Wednesday night the students were divided into two groups. Each group spent the next four days in a village. One of those villages was Wayamba. There was a leader with each group and they went through the villages using the F.A.I.T.H. evangelism method along with storying to tell people about Jesus and how to become a believer. One of the young men who participated was Adam who lives in Wayamba and was one of our first converts. He is now sharing Jesus with others. Pastor Daniel Haruna and his son John worked with the group at Wayamba. They slept in the school at the village at night on mats on the concrete floor. It is a blessing to see young people so loving, dedicated and fearless as these. The group at Wayamba will worship with us this Sunday in the village. I hope that God will move in the hearts of young people around the world to adopt the caring attitude of these guys. Maybe this will inspire someone out there to go and do the same.
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Birthday for the Triplets

Thursday August 27, 2009 marked the first birthday of the triplets at Anfanni's Children's home. We had a little party and presented each of the three sisters with a baby doll. There was also birthday cake. The pictures show the volunteer staff along with Emelia, the manager of the facility which was started by her aunt, and all 9 of the children that are being cared for there at this time. The white lady in the center is Kay Raybe from B.C in Canada. She has just returned from 3 weeks in a hospital in Accra. She will be going home in September. The other white lady is Vera, a volunteer from somewhere in Europe. Peggy and I get a turn holding some of God's precious little ones. Its one of the fringe benefits of being here.
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