Friday, October 24, 2008

Baptism Video


Todd Ozment said...

Hey mawmaw and papa this is todd and i googled your name and got this website i was looking at the pictures and videos and wanted to let you know that it is truly amzing how GOD is using you in Africa. It is also amazing how the two of you gave up everything you had in the states and went to Africa a land that neither one of you thought you would ever live, a place where islam is the main religion, and did what GOD had for you to do. That is a strength in the lord that I one day hope to possess and I ask that you pray for me as I have something that I have to figure out in my life, I ask that you pray for the lord to make it clear to me as to what the result of this decision should be and that he would give me strength to follow him no matter what the answer is. I love and miss the both of you dearly and can't wait to see you at Christmas. Again seeing how GOD has used both of you in Ghana is truly amazing and it makes me proud to call you my grandparents there are none better in the world. But take care and keep up the good work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, and please remember me in your prayers. I love you and GOD bless!!

Mary DeMuth said...

Pat and Peggy,

I just received an email from Paul Napari that the packages via the airplane arrived! Wow! I'm so glad they did. Did you receive the novels I sent you? I hope you enjoy them.

Many blessings,
Mary DeMuth

Marcos said...

Mr Ozment,
I am a missionary from Brazil that works with a missionary organization from USA(
I just came back from a mission trip in Ghana.
We want to do a evangelim trainning in Tamale next year(
Can you send me a e-mail for us to do some plans together?
Thank you very much.
In Christ,